Regular Cleaning

We offer a regular cleaning service one-time, daily, every week, or monthly. During a regular cleaning, the office is vacuumed, floors are mopped, all appliances are dusted, bathrooms are cleaned, and the trash is taken out. We also clean neglected areas that most janitorial services overlook like cleaning stainless steel surfaces, dusting picture frames, and cleaning fingerprints around doors.

Extra Cleaning

Extra service is provided for cleaning interior and exterior areas of entrance doors, spot cleaning carpets and glass, dusting blinds and disinfecting hard surfaces.


Most frequent questions and answers

The given rate for each cleaning is dependent on many factors. Some of these factors include the square footage of the building, how often it needs to be cleaned, special instructions, etc.

We have our contact information in the “Contact Us” section on the toggle at the top of the page for you to speak with one our representatives to receive your own personal rate. And if you prefer meeting, you can also enter your information into the “Schedule an Appointment” section to set up a consultation.

The number of hours are dependent on the individual needs of each office, the square footage, and the length of time between each cleaning.

We supply our own sweepers and mops, but we do not supply any paper products or trash bags, soap, hand towels, and toilet paper.